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What should I bring to Camp?

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What should I bring to Camp?

(individual packing suggestions)




Leisure clothes (comfortable, discrete clothing)


       Personal toiletries (soap, deodorant, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)

       Towels & washcloths

       Showering shoes (flip-flops, etc)

       Tennis shoes for daily activities

       Shoes for water activities (i.e. Rock Slide and Zipline)

       Sleeping bag or bedroll for bunk bed


       Rain gear

       Light jacket



       Swimsuit we request modest swimsuits with appropriate cover-ups (shorts and shoes must be worn at Rock Slide and Zipline)

       Insect repellant


       MEDICATIONS - both prescription and over the counter.  Only pack enough for the actual days you will be away from home, plus an extra dose or two

       Plastic bags for wet clothes

       Water bottle



       Money for Canteen/Camp Store


Group Leaders, DONT FORGET:

       Medical release forms for all participants, provided by your church

       Group Payment Balance to be paid when arriving at Camp Lee

       Alarm Clock


Volunteer/Work Groups may need to also bring:

       Work clothes* (shirts with sleeves and long pants) enough for the entire week because laundry facilities will NOT be available

         *Expect work clothes to get dirty, sweaty, painted, and tarred.  Do not bring your favorite clothes.  Pack inexpensive clothing purchased at yard sales or thrift stores and items you would not mind getting really dirty or trashed.

       Work shoes/boots (hard-soled shoes at worksites, tennis shoes when working on roofs)

       Ankle High Boots are requested when working in woods and creeks

       Long sleeved shirt & baby powder (in case youll be working with fiberglass insulation)

       Personal tools (hammer, latex gloves, work gloves, goggles/eye protection, measuring tapes, pencils, nail apron) (labeled with owners name)

       Fully equipped first aid kit

       Call Camp Lee to plan for special materials and tools you may need for specific projects

What NOT to bring:


       Shirts ripped out at the seams

       Half shirts (bare midriff shirts)

       Sleeveless shirts, muscle shirts (if work group)

       Halter, spaghetti strap, or tank tops (if work group)

       Tight bike pant/shorts

       Anything with bad language or inappropriate logos/slogans (alcohol or beer slogans, obscenities, etc.)

       Bikini bathing suits/speedos

       VALUABLES TVs, stereos, ipods, jam boxes, large amounts of cash, jewelry, computers, cell phones (unless instructed to do so by your group leader)