Day Use & Events

Here at Camp Lee, you can utilize our space with an overnight retreat, or just for the day! We have plenty of options that could fit your needs at Camp Lee. We can do Birthday Parties, Weddings, Baby/Wedding Shower Space, and so much more! 

Show your staff you appreciate and value them and their families. Camp Lee can design a Company Family Fun Day full of activities and enjoyment. 

And it’s about choices:
Your group can swim in the pool or canoe on the lake. Adventure seekers can enjoy the rock slide, zip line, or climbing wall. Others may want to relax and go fishing. Families can play volleyball, basketball, disc golf (frisbee), and Ga-Ga ball.

With a wide-range of activities offered, guests are sure to enjoy the day from start to finish. They can choose to take part in several outdoor adventure activities or simply relax and enjoy great food and downtime with friends and family.

Meeting Space for Day Use?

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All of our building are heated and cooled and have restrooms. Our Day Uses & Events are designed to offer your group a relaxing day full of fun and enjoyment. 

Day Use & Events can be very flexible, and are suitable for groups from 250 and larger. 
(Camp Lee Farm can accommodate smaller groups – call us for details.)

We even do weddings! Click here to find out more about Weddings! 


Your day group can totally rent out an inflatable and set it up at Camp Lee! We recommend Howell Vending. 

Give us a call today or email us at today so we can help you get your event set up!