Polar Bear Plunge Zip

Camp Lee Polar Plunge Zip Line January 1, 2022
This event benefits Camp Lee. We will start the zip trips at 11:00 AM on New Years day. Called Coffee will be on campus with HOT drinks. Fires will be set up as warming stations, as the water will be very cold!! But that’s what makes it fun! Don’t forget to grab your traditional New years Day meal (Ham, Peas, Turnips, Cornbread, etc.) before you leave! And of course, your long sleeve T-Shirt to prove you did it!! Feel free to ask any camp personnel for a camp tour while you’re there or help out by making a donation on our sponsor page. We hope to see you there!!!!
This event is open to the public. The zip line is a water zip and you will get wet. ****
PLEASE CONTACT Board Member Mary Hollingsworth with any questions regarding the event.
(256) 283-6900
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