Camp Lee Updates

January - March Updates 2022

We have been doing a lot of updates to Camp this new year! We finished Village 1 Upper and Lower, and had our first group stay in Village 1 Upper! Village 2 cabins are waiting for insulation to be added. Once we have the insulation put in, we will be putting up ceilings and lights in Village 2 Upper and Lower.

Due to Covid, we could not get our Canopy Zip-Line fixed in time for Summer of 2021. During this off-season, we have fixed our Canopy Zip-line, and it is up and running for Spring and Summer. We have already had two groups go down our new and improved zip-line. In March, we are making repairs to the Ark Lodge and repainting the outside. 

Updates 2021

We are prepping for Summer 2022 to make it the best summer yet! We are slowly making updates to Camp Lee! 

Currently, we have taken down the ceilings in the Village 1 and Village 2 cabins and replaced the insulation. In Village 1 Lower, we have just finished putting on the ceiling, and are in the process of adding lights! New windows and doors have also been installed. We can’t wait for our campers to see the finished product!